Reeling in the 70’s 03

Tullycross And Letterfrack On The Ball

Tullycross 2-10  Letterfrack 1-4 

If one was to judge by the scoreboard, there was only one team in this match.  There was a drastic failure in communications between the Letterfrack players with many of their passes being misaddressed. Like bad postmen, they kept putting the ball into the wrong letter- boxes.  Letterfrack played with some skill, but little wisdom.  In contrast, the Tullycross men played with great mobility, their direct methods being very sensible.  For the hopeful kicks of the losers, they substituted clearly addressed balls that fell sweetly into their intended letter-boxes.  Their forwards had oceans of time to slot over numerous points, the bread and butter of football. Tullycross struck oil, while Letterfrack drilled a lot, but with little success.

Lettergesh 1-6  Renvyle 0-5 

One hesitates to call this a football game because the behaviour of some players took from the dignity of the spectacle and although  there were moments of good, clean sport,  the pity was, they were just that , occasional moments.  One can understand a minor foul committed in hot blood or that a referee is prone to the odd error; but one cannot understand why some players attempt to ruin a game by the use of barnyard language and continued harassment of those in charge.  The pity about the play is that it could have been so good. Lettergesh deserved to win on their second half display.  They backed up one another with greater understanding, and in McDonnell they had a superb place kicker.  He sank nearly all the short points, and many of the middle distant ones also.  Renvyle need have no regrets, except that it happened in such a manner.  Their display should give them encouragement for the future.  Lettergesh got the honours, but some of the players did not deserve to sit the exam.


Written by Fr Michael Murtagh. Letterfrack-Ballinakill Parish Newsletter, 1979

Full Version Available in “Pride in the Parish: Volume 2”

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